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Here it is, the Moistmaker.
I've loved YoYo's since I was a kid, and saw the Smothers Brothers do some tricks.
So, years ago, when I bought my first lathe, I decided I needed to make some.
I made a few, but never pushed the project.
All that has changed now!
I decided to combine my love of Titanium, and YoYo's and get after it.
I am a fan of responsive, or semi responsive yoyo's, so that is the path I went down.
Deciding I wanted a fixed axle, but different than the rest of them, I started searching materials to make a fatter than typical axle out of, with my theory being I could use a large diameter, but slick material, to keep the two sides of the yoyo parallel to each other.
I landed on Turcite.
An easy to machine, and slick, engineering plastic.
Turns out it works great.
I bought some of that, and quickly knocked out a prototype with some titanium I had on hand, and my son and I discovered the sucker wouldn't come back up!
So, I started investigating.
And made friends with the wizards at onedrop yoyos
They sent me some of their slim response pads, as I could fit those in to the parts I had already made.
Sweet, now it works!
I discovered that one of my customers, Noel Kunz is a Champion YoYoer and regularly does demos with YoYo's.
I sent him one...
He liked it, but gave me some pointers...
Around that time, the OneDrop guys told me about their Side Effects, a system I instantly fell in love with due to the possibilities, and it just fitting in with my design ethos.
Unfortunately, they do not make them in titanium, and well, I just couldn't put aluminum ones in a titanium yoyo.
I asked if I could make some.
Just for me...
They said no, but you can if you make some for us too!
So now, I added Side Effect to the throw.
Made some tweaks here and there based on Noels feedback.
Engineered it to land at 60 grams assembled, and made a few.
Sent one off to Noel, and he told me it's one of his favorite yoyo's in this style ever!
That was what I needed to hear.
I made a smallish prototype run, with the intent of dropping them at the Blade Show, 2024.
Surprisingly, they were a hit.
I sold more than I expected to at a knife show.
But now, the show is over, and it's time to sell off the remainder of the prototype batch that I have on hand that you all have been patiently waiting for.
And here is where that will happen.

All of these are going to come with a Turcite axle installed, a spare Titanium axle in case you wear out the Turcite, or just prefer Titanium. Strung with a Kitty String, and also including a spare string.
All this, packed in a Pelican case with custom cut foam that has room for the YoYo, the spare string, the axle, and some spare Side Effects!

50.3mm Diameter
25.4mm wide
3.2mm gap

60.5 Grams with Micro Side Effect, and Turcite Axle
61.3 with Titanium Axle

Side Effects
Micro      3.4g
Kiss         4.3g
Spike       4.6g
Orbs    5.3g

If there is enough interest, I will also post up for sale the few remaining yoyo's that lead to the Moistmaker.

Want some Titanium Side Effects to go along with this?
Look HERE to make that purchase.