Titanium Shot Glasses

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Pre- order for Titanium Shot Glasses

This is the pre-order page for these shot glasses, there is a very limited number of blanks to run, we will engrave  these the week of  3/2-3/5 and ship as they are completed.
All should be shipped by 6 March, 2020.

These are Lathe cut then mill engraved from Grade 5 solid Titanium bars.

There are internal marking lines for measuring.  It's marked at 1, 1.5, and 2 oz, and there's plenty of room left over the top line for spillage.

We have 3 price points.

The Basic Stripe and Ribbed are $200

The Spiral Fluted is $225 

Those engraved with Dragon Scales, Celtic Knot, or Pentagrams are $300.
Each one of these spends an additional hour on the mill for engraving!

The inside work is done already, we are just doing this sale so we can see how many to make of each version now. 
You decide what we finish!