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TiBolt G2 Adapter Kit

TiBolt G2 Adapter Kit

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Here it is, after decades in development. (OK, maybe just months...)
Adapters that will make your full sized TiBolt run the Mini G2 ink refill!
Many folks, myself included, really like the way the Pilot G2 writes.
While a normal G2 refill would make for a pen that is just too long, we recently discovered that Pilot makes the G2 in a Mini version. (Y'all should have told me this years ago!)
Once we learned this, my pal Bubba over at Nottingham Tactical got to work designing an adapter, and modifying my tips internals to suit.
A few iterations, and a couple of custom spring revisions later, and we have an adapter kit!
You will get a new titanium tip, a new spring, a mini G2 refill, and a titanium adapter.
Pull the old tip off the pen, ink too.
Then drop the adapter in the pen, small end first.
Load up the G2 ink, put a spring on it, and screw on the new tip.
That's it.
It is just the tiniest bit more complicated than a normal ink change. (There is 1 extra part now)

This first, small batch is strictly going to be Stonewashed Titanium Tips.
These will mate up nicely with 90% of the pens out there.

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