Stars, Full Size TiBolt

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Order more than one, and I'll cancel your whole order!
What we have here is a previously unreleased TiBolt.
I've made a couple of Stars, but they went to my wife and a friend.
I've decided to move forward, and do the Stars on a limited run fashion.
Right now, we are releasing some, with 13 Stars representing the original 13 colonies, in honor of Independence day.
In all likelihood, I won't release more until next July!
Regardless of what we decide in the future, these are marked special, with 2020 on there, see if you can find it, when you get yours!
Tumbled is the only option on these, but they are ripe for customization!
Good luck, and Happy Independence Day!
By the way, the machining in the stars on the Pocketed pens varies, from one to the other.
These are prototypes, so I was optimizing my methods for both time, and appearance.
They take FOREVER to cut...
(These won't ship until Monday or Tuesday, since we are headed to the river to celebrate the holiday, and have family fun time. A rare treat these days.)