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We have needed a scribe for a while.
I custom made myself one, years ago, and love it.
So, I had a bunch of custom carbide ground, and am making these refills available to everyone.
The bodies, naturally, are Titanium.
They all have a Titanium screw in the back, which allows you to resharpen them, then adjust the screw out so they will still deploy correctly.
Once you can't do that anymore, we should be able to replace the carbide.
They all have at least 1/8" of adjustment possibility.
With the exception of the TiNy, they all work with a normal pen tip.
In fact the full size will work in any pen that takes a Parker format refill!
The TiNy requires you to jump through some hoops.
Either drill out a TiNy tip to 2.5mm, or use a full size tip.
Pens are NOT included with these...
Pay attention folks, these are ink replacements.
These go INSIDE a pen...