Mini Bolt Light- AAA

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This light is a collaborative design with FourSevens, Tuff Writer, and myself.

Designed to compliment the TiBolt, this version of the light runs on a single AAA battery!

Admittedly, I am biased, but I think this is a really cool light, and FourSevens did a great job bringing it to life.

The switch is cool, because it allows for both momentary operation, and latched on, all in a more ergonomic and natural movement than the ubiquitous button on the cap.

I think you will like these, I certainly do!

It comes in at 1.13oz
4.98" Long, .51" Diameter
Black anodized aluminum bodies.
These are NOT titanium folks.

The user interface is configurable 5 different ways.
It ships with the default single mode interface - high output only. The complete list of configurations are:
1. High only (default)
2. High, Low
3. High, Strobe
4. Low, Medium, High, Strobe
5. Low, Medium, High, SOS, Strobe, Beacon High, Beacon Low

Changing configurations is intentionally difficult to prevent accidental activation.

Here are the specs:
High: 100 lumens for 1 hour
Medium: 20 lumens for 3 hours
Low: 5 Lumens 20 hours
Strobe: 2 hours
SOS: 3 hours
Beacon high: 7.5 hours
Beacon low 40 hours
Beam angle: spot 22 deg; flood 84 deg

Runs on one AAA battery, from 1.5v down to 0.9v
Naturally, this will ship with a battery, ready to run.