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Magnets man...
Who doesn't like magnets?
Me? I've always had a fascination with them, and own many, many different ones.

However, I only have a few that are decent at holding my drawings and notes up at my machines.
Only a few that do a good job on my fridge with kids constantly slamming the door.
So, I decided it's time to make a decent magnet.
I now understand why I have so few that are any good.
It costs a pretty penny to manufacture a proper magnet, one that holds well.

I could make them for less money, if I used inexpensive, easy to machine materials, like aluminum.
But being me, that just wouldn't be right.

So, what we have here are Titanium bodied magnets, like you would expect from me.
(Some copper and brass to, because folks requested them)
These use the best N52 Neodymium Ring magnets I could find.
We spend extra time machining them, cutting in a 'trap' for an O-ring. This will keep the magnet from scratching your refrigerator/toolbox/machine.
Eventually, these magnets will be held in with titanium screws, but none are available to my specification at the moment, so these are using the nicest 316 stainless steel screws I could find.
I used screw in magnets so that you can anodize these later if you want, or replace the O-ring should it ever get damaged. That stuff is just off the shelf parts.

This first batch is marked with a diamond drag engraver. a first for me.
Eventually, I plan to stamp them, but I haven't got a decent stamp yet. (I did by a stamping machine though)

We didn't make too many, as we need to see if there is any interest in a premium priced, heirloom magnet, so get them while you can.

3/4" Diameter X 7/8" Tall (19mm x 22mm)
Testing shows they will lift about 5.5 pounds, or 2.5kg
They'll hold up over 25 pieces of notebook paper! (Fewer on something like a refrigerator that has a swinging door)

We are offering a Multi-Magnet discount.
$10 off every pair purchased.
(Premium Materials Excepted)