Carbon Fiber Multi Purpose Wrench

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Carbon Fiber Multi Purpose Wrench
These were a much bigger hit the last time I made them than I expected, so I made more.
It's also likely the last batch I will be able to sell so inexpensively. I ran out of material that I got in trade, and gasp, I had to buy some!
Thickness on these varies a little, but they are all pretty darn close to 3/16" solid twill Carbon Fiber.
While I made these to make it easy to install and remove the Bolts and Tips from a TiBolt, they work on a lot of other things too.
Just about anything round from 0.140” (3.5mm) to ½” (13mm) can be grasped tightly with these.
There are specific spots for the body of the pen, and the ball.
Then there are 3 more cutouts for a multitude of sizes.
The next one over is a diamond shaped cutout to grab parts up to 5/16” (8mm) at 4 points.
I know a lot of folks but aftermarket balls on their pens, of varying sizes, and this cutout is to accommodate those.
Then there are.375” and .500” cutouts too, to grab the sizes in between (they'll grab any size in between)….
I had a need in my shop for these, so what the hell, I made a bunch.
Then they sold out, including the spares I made for me, so now there's more…
Get them while you can.