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Welcome to the Titanium Bolt Light. Not just a new flashlight but the marriage of a new actuation mechanism, precision machining and a fantastic illumination package. It’s a flashlight like you’ve never seen before.

Blasted Finish
Blasted Finish

The bolt action is becoming a pretty popular mechanism, with many folks using it lately in one form or another. You may already be familiar with it. If not, you are in for a treat!

Blasted (Top) and Tumbled (Bottom) Finishes
Blasted (Top) and Tumbled (Bottom) Finishes

So who are we?

My name is Brian Fellhoelter. I’m a Toolmaker from Arizona and owner of KnifeWerks, LLC. Some of you know me from my previous Kickstarter projects,(the TiBolt Pen and TiBolt ReLeaded). Others know me from my award winning pocket knives, pens, whistles, bottle openers, belt grinders and various other tools and gadgets. Many of them can be seen by visiting www.Fellhoelter.com.

In order to make this happen, I teamed up with a few other makers: 

My friend Jack was the perfect choice. Jack’s claim to fame is being the owner of Tuff Writer Pens. He’s been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest precision machined pens for the past 8 years. Jack has also delivered two previous Kickstarter projects (Ultimate Clicky Pens and Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen) and has a proven track record of getting stuff done, making him the right guy to help make this project happen.

Jack and I soon realized that while we had the design and manufacturing covered, we needed some help with our electronics package and optics. To that end we brought on board our friend David Chow from FourSevens. An electrical engineer, David started his own flashlight company and has been at the forefront of LED illumination technology, designing his own world class electronics, heat management software and full line of tactical flashlights.

Blasted (Top) and Tumbled (Bottom) Finishes
Blasted (Top) and Tumbled (Bottom) Finishes

So what are we making?

It’s an American machined, American assembled, Titanium, Bolt Action Flashlight. It is based on the bolt action mechanism I came up with several years ago, and it is designed to compliment the TiBolt Pen.

First and foremost, the Ti Bolt Light is a Titanium Flashlight.

The Body? Titanium.

The Bezel? Titanium.

The Clip? Titanium.

The Ball? Titanium.

The Custom Torx Screws? Titanium.

The Cap? Titanium.

Why? Because Titanium is a light but strong material and it’s cool, that’s why.

It may be an expensive and difficult material to work with, but I make a lot of things out of Titanium, even if they don’t need to be.
You know this.
You wouldn’t be interested in the light if you didn’t already agree!
All the Titanium parts of the Titanium Bolt Light are Grade 5, 6AL-4V. That’s medical / aerospace grade titanium, the best stuff available.

For heat management, and electrical reasons, some of the switching mechanisms internally will be 6061 Aluminum.

Except for the lens, everything you can touch, and feel, will be Titanium!

FourSevens brought their engineering specialty to bear and worked within the design envelope to create something really special. The LED is a CREE XM-L2 outputting well over 490 lumens powered by a couple of lithium CR2 batteries. This is some serious light output when compared to most comparable lights. We chose these because they are readily available almost anywhere batteries can be purchased, yet have a higher energy density than almost any other common battery. Combined with the FourSevens optics and software this means that we were able to create a brighter, longer lasting beam with better heat management and smaller form factor.

Titanium Bolt Light Specs:
5.83 Inches
Thickness: 0.71 inches
Weight: 2.7 oz
LED: Cree XM-L2
Modes: High-Low  (Plus additional hidden modes, including strobe, beacon and moonlight)
Output: 490 Lumens
Operation: Momentary or Constant-On, Remembers last setting
Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Clip: 6AL4V Titanium
Finish: Machined, Tumbled, Blasted
Fittings: 6AL4V Titanium
Mechanism: Patent Pending bolt-activation mechanism
Batteries: 2x CR2 (commonly available lithium batteries)

The Titanium Bolt Light is American Made.

With the exception of the electronics, and optics, all the work for the light was done right here in the USA. This is important to me as I am a big fan of keeping America employed. Not only is it American made, it’s made by me and my friends, in our own shops.

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