Fellhoelter Brass TiBolt Pen




The TiBolt is a 100% Titanium Pen.
The BrTiBolt replaces 3 of those parts with Brass!

The body, tip, and cap are Brass, while the bolt, ball, shaft, torx screws, and pocket clip are all made from Titanium.

Since this is Brass, it naturally forms a patina, and darkens up.
We have made efforts to minimize this, but can’t stop it.
Don’t be surprised or upset if yours comes with the patina already forming, and doesn’t look just like the pictures…

Full Size      63 Grams
Tiny             49 Grams

Full Size      5-1/2″ (139mm)
TiNy             4″  (101 mm)

For the Regular TiBolt, look HERE, and for a Deluxe Tibolt look HERE.

This is simply a BrTiBolt, without any extras.
If you want extras, please checkout our pen accessories such as the Stylus Nib Attachment, Spare Parts Pack and Ink Refills.
These items are located HERE.

Additional information

Weight .18 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .5 × .5 in

TiNy, Full Sized


Standard (Plain), Deluxe (Milling on the body), Engraved


Circles, Sine Wave Dense, Sine Wave Loose, Celtic Knot, Small Dragon Scales, Fluted, Spiral Flutes, No Engraving