Fellhoelter TiBolt Pen

Fellhoelter Titanium TiBolt Pen

The TiBolt is a pure 100% Titanium construction. If it can be made from Titanium, it sure is. Everything from the body, tip, bolt, ball, shaft, torx screws, cap, pocket clip, and even the hidden parts, are all made from Titanium. The only exceptions are the ink cartridge, the spring, the O-ring, and the stylus nib, which is made from capacitive silicone and works great on the touchscreens for your tablets and smartphones.

Another great new feature of the improved TiBolt is that it now accepts Parker or Fisher Space Pen refills. The new design also eliminates the need for any tools to change the ink refills. To swap refills, simply unscrew the tip, remove the old one and replace with a new one. Screw the tip back on and you’re back in business.

The TiBolt is addictive. You will find yourself running the bolt action mechanism through its paces repeatedly. Annoy your friends and family as you obsessively Click/Thwack the bolt while thinking, reading, watching TV, etc… The TiBolt is a high quality, American made pen that feels great in your hand. You will write with it, and you will play with it, and we are sure you will enjoy it.
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