Mr. Slow Fingereater

This here is a grinder I built after spending a day in the shop with T.C. Collins. This is a wonderful tool, and I have some ideas for improving it. 6*48″ belts are expensive, and tough to get in high grit counts.

The edge on the hardened plate I added to this grinder has been prepped by putting a nice, consistent radius on it. I actually used 4 different radiuses on the plate, and engineered it so that I can flip the plate around and end up with different plunge radii.

I come off of my hardcore, and immediately go to this grinder. You lay your blade on it with the edge running parallel to belt rotation. This pulls all of your grind lines parallel to your edge, and allows you to make your plunges dead nuts.

The trick here is getting a grinder that has screws for adjusting the drum, not cams. I had to get in there with a die grinder, and relieve a bunch of ribs that were cast into the platen in order to get the drum to move enough. If you don’t do that, you’ll never get the belt on the thing. The centerline of that idler drum probably moved at least 1" back from it’s original position. A bunch more than I had anticipated.

If you are thinking about making one, email me 1st. I’ll give you some pointers, and save you some headaches.