GVI, The Gathering, 2014

We’re about all ready to go to Vegas this weekend.
Hope to see you there.

It’s an interesting year for me this year, as there are a bunch of new things going to the show.

Pencils, there will be a couple…

Patches, they are new to me this year, and I have 5 to chose from!

FATF, a knife collaboration with the famous Mr. Jim Burke

An as yet unnamed Tomahawk, with a new, Patent Pending sheath system that I think you guys are going to like.
A LOT of time has gone into this design, and I think it has a lot of potential.

And, you heard it here first, a BOLT ACTION FLASHLIGHT !!!
There’s only going to be a few aluminum prototypes for sale, but get ready for some Titanium Lights now that we have it figured out!

So, it’s been busy around here the last couple of months, I look forward to blowing off some steam.

Stop by, say hello.