Frikky – Friction Folder with Bottle Opener – Work In Progress (Part 3)

Ok, lets hope the mailman brings the parts I ordered a week ago, priority mail, or I am at a standstill.

Here’s what I have so far today.

A little surface grinding on the inside of the handle slabs to make those inlays flush.

Here’s how they look now, surface grinding complete. This is a bit of overkill, I could have just cleaned them up on the platen of my 2×72, but we’re going for overkill here.

Surface grinding complete

I need some tooling plates for the rest of the machining, so I knocked these out real quick.

One for the perimeter milling.

Tooling plates for the rest of the machining

And one you will see put to use later, on the blades.

Tooling plates on the blades

And that is where I stand until some pivot pins show up. I really don’t want to make them myself.