Frikky – Friction Folder with Bottle Opener – Work In Progress (Part 2)

Time to start cutting out my material with the tile saw.

Cutting material with tile saw
Cutting material with tile saw

Then mill some pockets for the titanium inlay

Mill pockets for titanium inlay

Then epoxy them in

3M Scotch-Weld

3M Scotch-Weld and clamps

Now, I’ll ream the holes in the titanium slabs, since all the waterjet did was put them on location, and undersized for me.

Ok, I had a little more time to kill tonight, so I put the stop pin, pivot, and keychain holes in the laminate handles. The titanium handles are going to have to wait until I get the rest of the material I have on order, hopefully tomorrow. The holes are still undersized a bit, since I drilled them with a carbide endmill, but a quick ream will fix that right up. I also just figured out that I need to hold the iPhone sideways to shoot a video that fills the YouTube screen.