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Just the TIP.......... because that's how Brian likes it.

These pen stands will make sure your PEN IS  standing tall and up to whatever task you have for it...

These are Lathe cut from 2 inch solid bar and have the FELLHOELTER name milled in.

There are now 8 styles available,

The standard is a smooth Kiss with FELLHOELTER engraved around the base.


The French Kiss which has lathe cut  rings  around it as well as FELLHOELTER engraved around the base.

They will come with a small rubber adhesive disk to put in the base of the stand to protect your desk. We will leave it unattached so you can decide if you prefer it or not.

These hold all sizes of the TiBolt, pictured with the TiNyBolt, G2, as well as Full Size.
I have a design modification in mind that will also allow them to hold the Mark 22 permanent marker.Shipping on Titanium, Copper, and Brass is expected to conclude by the end of April, 2024.

Mokume however is not expected until June.
Mike Sakmar, they man who makes the Mokume for me, informs me that he has a pretty substantial backlog at the moment.
Making this large size of Mokume is a quite large, and expensive endeavor!
We are on it though!