The Usual Suspect Gathering

GVIII is rapidly approaching.

I’ve been working hard all summer getting ready, and I despise working in the summer time desert heat.

Expect there to be some knives (Horton collaboration FTR’s), Flashlights (Titanium, Copper, and Aluminum), and LOADS of new pens.

Full sized TiBolt’s and the new, TiNyBolt, in more materials than just Titanium!

As always, I’ll have loads of other gadgets on hand.

Come by, say hi, take a look, help feed my kids!

GVI, The Gathering, 2014

We’re about all ready to go to Vegas this weekend.
Hope to see you there.

It’s an interesting year for me this year, as there are a bunch of new things going to the show.

Pencils, there will be a couple…

Patches, they are new to me this year, and I have 5 to chose from!

FATF, a knife collaboration with the famous Mr. Jim Burke

An as yet unnamed Tomahawk, with a new, Patent Pending sheath system that I think you guys are going to like.
A LOT of time has gone into this design, and I think it has a lot of potential.

And, you heard it here first, a BOLT ACTION FLASHLIGHT !!!
There’s only going to be a few aluminum prototypes for sale, but get ready for some Titanium Lights now that we have it figured out!

So, it’s been busy around here the last couple of months, I look forward to blowing off some steam.

Stop by, say hello.


Moving Shop

As many of you know, I am in the middle of a move.

Early this year, it was decided that I had outgrown the garage, so I leased a place.

For 5 weeks now, I have been moving the shop into a 2400 sq. ft building in the business district.

Wish me luck!

Kickstarter fulfillment.

It’s almost done.

The bulk of the Kickstarter TiBolts are shipped!

I’m waiting on some more packaging to arrive, and once it does, we will ship the rest.

Once they are shipped, I will sell the over run pens, so sign up to receive my newsletter if you are interested, that is where I will announce the sale.

Thanks for all the support on the campaign, it’s been a long, interesting road.