First Quarter


ÜberGrinders are back baby!

These are some old videos, and aren’t really indicative of how the grinders will ship this time around.
But, they do show the grinder, and I’ll leave them up until I can shoot some more relevant, current videos, and get some pictures.
EDIT: Scroll down, as this page is a work in progress, and I just posted some new videos on 3-4-2017

Initially, these are going to be available in a “Add your own Motor/VFD and Contact Wheel” configuration.
I have Contact Wheels, and motors on order though, so in March or April, as these things start to show up, I’ll be able to start providing a more turn key grinder, at a very competitive price.
To do that, I have actually contracted with Leeson to make motors specifically for this grinder. They are designed from the ground up to be run with a Variable Frequency Drive, and stay cool, while running wide open, and at low speed, high torque situations.

Base Price is $2200 plus shipping (shipping anticipated to be $150-$200, insured)
This will include:

  • Complete frame. Rotates 90 degrees, locks in either position, 3 receivers for positioning the tool and workrest arms to suit your preference. All adjustments are made without tools.
  • Crowned, urethane drive wheel. Keeps the belt from slipping even under low tension, high torque operation.
  • Pneumatics for belt tension. High quality Mead/Bimba regulator and cylinder.
  • Überrest (Articulating work rest with steel table, vernier scale for accurately adjusting in 1 degree increments. Again, no tools required.)
  • Platen/Slack Belt Attachment. Improved this time around to work better as a slack belt attachment with the removal of the platen via 2 screws. Also, new shop made wheels make the belt lie flatter against the platen than before, with less ‘puckering’. Especially fine, flexible belts. (Requires a wrench to switch between platen/slack belt operation)
  • Small Wheel attachment. (Small Wheels not included)
  • Arm and hardware for mounting a Contact Wheel.
  • VFD bracket for mounting your VFD to the grinder itself, or to your bench.

Also Available:

  • Contact Wheels, both 10″ and 12″ by 2″ wide. 70 duro, smooth.
    We had Contact Rubber Corp. make us wheels this time around, so you don’t have to source your own. In my opinion, these are the best on the market, and are what I use myself. These are their C134 Quick Change wheels. They are expensive, up front, but you get what you pay for. And since they are quick change, if you damage them, or wear them out, you can replace just the tire for the neighborhood of $150 down the road. I just replaced my own original 10 year old wheel myself, as it had developed some nicks in it.
  • 10″ wheel, $350
  • 12″ wheel, $400
  • Gooseneck light. This light will mount right up to an arm on the grinder, or your bench, and give you task specific lighting, right where you need it. Don’t underestimate the value of good light, or expect the fluorescent light on you ceiling to be enough!
    The light is $80, which is the normal retail price at McMaster or MSC. I’m just offering it here, to save you from having to source one yourself.

Coming Soon:

  • Custom made, 2hp Leeson inverter duty motor, and KBAC-27D Variable Frequency Drive. This is the best drive on the market for our application. Dustproof/Waterproof, with actual knobs that you can turn.
    The motor is designed from the ground up for grinder use, and to be run from the VFD.
    Anticipated price of $900 with all wiring included. Simply have your electrician make a few connections and put a receptacle on the end of the cord.

Once the wheels, and motors come in, I expect a complete package to run in the $3400 – $3500 neighborhood, all included, with only minor assembly required.
This minor assembly allows for much less expensive shipping, as we can ship FedEx, instead of freight shipping. We can probably offer a completely assembled option, but shipping will move from the $200 neighborhood, to the $800 neighborhood! Assembly and final wiring will be easy, and can be accomplished in minutes, not hours.

I’ll know more on the complete price, as the Motors, and VFD’s arrive in the coming weeks, and I see what they actually cost me to get in hand.

Below, are some videos showing the grinder, the assembly, and a few tips for setup.
I’ll keep updating these as things occur to me, and as more parts of the puzzle come in.


OLD assembly videos below.
You won’t have to jump through these hoops anymore, but I am leaving them up for historical purposes, and because it shows more detail of the actual parts of this machine.