Felhoelter Videos

Solid Model Machining7/20/14 8:38pm
New Shop Inspection2/7/14 3:19am
FTR - Rough Bevel9/28/13 5:15am
FTR Blade Perimeters9/25/13 9:31pm
Lasering GTC / Fellhoelter Collaboration Dog Tag9/4/13 8:23pm
Intro4/21/13 1:36am
Switching the TiBolt cap.4/21/13 1:30am
√úberOperation12/31/12 1:03am
Mandrel Spinner12/30/12 12:08am
Bolt Drill12/27/12 9:59pm
Grinder Bodies12/26/12 11:22pm
I laugh @ Nichols!10/27/12 1:18am
FelterHorton Blade Step 210/11/12 10:05pm
FelterHorton Blades Step 110/11/12 9:17pm
Stylus Nib Carriers.10/1/12 11:36pm
Drilling, Counterboring, and Tapping the Bolt in my pen.9/30/12 7:23pm
Bolt Action Pen milling.9/18/12 5:23pm
Titanium Bolt Action pen tip, 1st operation.9/16/12 7:19pm
SM1008/3/12 10:00pm
Power Wheel.MOV4/18/12 12:17am
BH4.MOV4/16/12 12:24am
Inlays4/12/12 2:17am
BH - Pocket Clips3/15/12 11:22pm
BH-22/23/12 11:46pm
BH-12/23/12 11:15pm
Finished2/11/11 5:27am
Hand Finishing a blade2/10/11 6:33pm
Tapping2/10/11 6:57am
More Surface grinding.2/10/11 5:49am
A look at the blades2/9/11 2:54am
1800 degrees2/9/11 2:35am
Grinding the chamfers.2/9/11 2:23am
Perimeter grinding of the handles.2/9/11 1:40am
Bevel grinding2/9/11 12:05am
Grinding on the horizontal2/8/11 10:43pm